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Cusgarne Organic Farm is just over 110 acres of organic land in the heart of Cornwall.


The farm has been in the Pascoe family for over 220 years, currently with Greg and Teresa at the helm, along with their daughters Zennor, Lamorna and Veryan who are the 6th and 7th generations of Pascoes to farm the land at Cusgarne.


Its fields, orchards and tunnels have been organic since 1988, when one crazy young farmer and his wife had a baby and decided that they didn't fancy spraying chemicals on their new family's salad any more.


...Which got them thinking, probably other young families didn't particularly want petrochemicals in their dinner either. 


So they stopped using all chemicals, and had a crash course in organic farming. A steep learning curve, a polytunnel and a few acres of veg turned in to one of the first food box delivery schemes in the country, taking fresh organic vegetables to local families (with their daughters squeezed in among the boxes)


Fast forward nearly 3 decades and Cusgarne is quietly farming in a way that never sacrifices profit or productivity at the expense of environment and the incredible array of wildlife that we share our home with. Supported by an incredible team of staff and volunteers who are passionate about the environment, ethically produced food and green farming practices, the farm is more of a mindset and community than a business. 

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