There are highs and lows to every season. We've emerged from winter, which is sometimes cold and sometimes wet and more frequently dark than light, but nevertheless warm and comforting by the fire and a chance to catch a breath.

Spring is glorious, a cacophony of birdsong and the prettiest hedgerows. But its busy! And hungry! The brassicas (kale and purple sprouting broccoli) have gone to seed. Their flowers fill a field with a spread of yellow and bees fly about in a pollen soaked delirium. Trays of seedlings cover the floor of a polytunnel, and our backs ache from monotonous hours spent transplanting in the field. Yet its all deceiving because there's nothing bloody to eat!!!

This morning we were herding overexcited yearling cattle off our neighbour's well manicured lawn. This evening the birds are singing, the orchard is in flower and there is a moment of serenity in our pastoral way of life.

Summer is coming soon...

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