Autumn squash soup with toasted coconut and a fresh herb oil

This creamy yet zesty squash soup is a result of a Sunday craving for something fresh yet comforting. All the parts of this soup can be made in bulk and kept for a couple of days.

to serve 5, you will need...

- the soup

2 good sized squash roasted and flesh scooped out - butternut, red onion squash, crown prince

a few cloves garlic

2 white onion

700ml stock

1 small chilli chopped

a few sprigs thyme

salt and pepper

- toasted coconut

4 tbsp desiccated coconut

salt and pepper to taste

- the herb oil

a few sprigs basil, coriander and parsley

3 tbsp good olive oil

1 cm piece ginger

1/2 small chilli

1/2 lime squeezed

Lime and fresh herbs to garnish


To make the soup - roast the squashes until soft and scoop out the flesh - set aside

Chop the garlic and onion and gently fry in a large (ideally cast iron) pan with olive oil until soft

Add the squash and stock

Bring to the boil and until everything is soft, then puree to smooth

Add the thyme, chopped chilli and salt and pepper to taste

For the oil, finely chop the herbs, chilli and ginger and put in a pestle and mortar - grind and then add the olive oil and lime juice - stir and set aside to diffuse the flavours.

Toast the coconut in a cast iron pan until golden brown and mix in a bit of salt and pepper

put in a bowl, with the herb oil and coconut sprinkled on top and a wedge of lime on the side to squeeze over... and enjoy.

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